A list for Wednesday (or any other day)


Some days are good. And sometimes you have a Wednesday. So I made a list for Wednesdays:

  • Things are never as bad or as good as they seem. Good and bad are relative, and require judgement. Circumstances just are, and can be neither good nor bad. Only your perception is. 
  • It is possible to experience joy peace in every moment as long as you are in the moment. Joy is only one emotion among a spectrum of many.
  • Every good thing will pass. The same for the bad. Therefore appreciate and value each experience for what it is, when it is present.
  • When in doubt, wait. And breath. Or act. It doesn't really matter either way.
  • Listen first, but speak when you must.
  • Silence is almost always better than speaking. (But sometimes, it's worse. Let the moment guide you).
  • There is only love and fear. If you manage to remember this, choose love. Always.
  • A list doesn't always have to be ten items long. Still true. 

Happy Wednesday!

Italic: revisions on 1 October 2016