How to achieve everything you want (to be revised, frequently)



  1. Be prepared. Have everything ready. The last thing you want is for inspiration to strike and you're looking for a pencil.
  2. Have a master plan. Work towards it by setting intermediate goals. Your best work will consist of everything that happens in between.
  3. Make a list/chart/story/cartoon of your master plan somewhere where you can see it. Add to it. Cross shit off as you get it done. GET SHIT DONE.
  4. Build shit. Draw shit. Write shit down. (But don't let it be shit if you can help it. If it is, that is also okay. See item number 2.)
  5. Have a folder on your desktop called DREAMS. Have another called GOALS. Move shit from one to the other as they become achievable.
  6. Write letters, emails and postcards to friends. They will appreciate it much more than texts or tweets, even if they're pictures of cats.
  7. Look after your body. Take care where you put it, and what you put into it. It's how you move through the world and experience everything, so take care of it.
  8. When you've made something, organise it. Take pictures, scan, share, order, combine with something else. You're looking for something amazing, and you will find it.
  9. Be friendly and laugh as often as you can. Try not to be inappropriate about it, but if you are, that's also okay.
  10. Don't let other people decide what is better for you, or what you should rather be spending your time on. You only have a limited amount of time on this beautiful planet, spend it doing things that you love doing, that benefits the planet and humankind and makes you get up with energy to face the day.