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If you would like to make a once-off donation to help reforest the planet and keep up and running, you can do so by clicking here. At this point I will be so overjoyed that I will probably send you a personal thank you letter (along with a joyful limerick and happiness charm!) 

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My favourite way to get donations! Simply scan the QR code below. Bitcoin is notoriously anonymous. I won't be able to thank you and you will never know what I do with the money. That's why I like it so much.

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I lied (remember when I said: Don't take anything I say seriously?) THIS is really my favourite way to get donations. Why? Because they are recurring! This reduces my stress levels greatly as I haven't had a real job in ages, so knowing I have money coming in every month gives me more peace of mind, which means more fun posts, more often! Patrons on my Patreon page get special attention, more writing, more art and more rewards. Head over there now to check it out! 


I lied again. My favourite thing in the whole world is when people subscribe to my newsletters. It means someone wants to read what I have to say. It means what I do is contributing to someone else's life, and there is no greater gift than that. 

I have two separate newsletters. The one is my New Moon Newsletter, a letter to my friends. The content varies from what I've been up to, what I've learnt, what I'm struggling with and interesting things I've found. It's a letter, it's real, and it's sent from me to you.

The other newsletter I call Half Moon Hysteria. I usually send them during the half moon, that strange time that no-one seems to notice, when a half disk moon hangs in the sky. These aren't letters, but stories. They take many forms, and are all fictional.

The end. I can't believe you scrolled this far down.